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Meet Our Team

Management Team

Jamie Corbett

Founder and Chairman, accomplished entrepreneur and adventure enthusiast.

Murray Seward

CEO, family man, original Employee of the Year and 4x4 adventure seeker

Tiff Daniels

VP of Sales, passionate businessman, avid traveler and charismatic leader.

Juliane Rotherham

Director of Events, devoted mother and thrill-seeking daredevil.

Chad Rissanen

Director of Sales, business growth expert, and sales mentor.

Isla Robertson

Director of Customer Experience, world traveler and recreation fanatic, living life through her son’s eyes.

Datis Mohsenipour

Director of Marketing, Muay Thai kickboxer, and lover of Greek food.

Sarah Stevens

Human Resources Generalist, Seinfeld superfan, and amateur guitarist.

Event Solutions Team

Bryan McWilliams

Event Solutions Specialist, personable businessman and challenge-seeker.

Jordan Menu

Event Solutions Expert, doting father and fun-loving optimist.

Chris Marshall

Event Solutions Specialist, sports enthusiast and active family man.

Jordan Adams

Event Solutions Expert, Sushi Connoisseur and aspirational world traveler.

Michael Holler

Event Solutions Expert, outdoor enthusiast and fun-loving athlete.

Michael Culp

Event Solutions Expert, experienced entertainer, and passionate athlete.

Scott Webster

Events Solutions Expert, economics graduate, and soccer super fan.

Steven Gracey

Event Solutions Expert, weekend warrior, and aquatic adventurer.

Anthony Colistro

Event Solutions Expert, life-loving adventurer and traveler.

Kavian Iranzad

Employee Engagement Consultant, aspiring Rockstar, and sports prodigy

Melissa Bowen

Employee Engagement Consultant, mountaineer, and competitive soccer player.

Karim Ladki

Employee Engagement Consultant, passionate advocate, and entrepreneurial enthusiast.

Naiely Cabrera

Employee Engagement Consultant, thrill seeker, and advocate for exceptional customer service.

Karen Nolan

Employee Engagement Consultant, martial artist, and fitness guru.

Jess Hardy

Employee Engagement Consultant, wilderness adventurer, and amateur chef.

Jordan Hum

Employee Engagement Consultant, sports nut, and travel junkie.

Event Operations Team

Aiden Macintyre

Manager of Events, outdoor enthusiast and service-oriented professional.

Sheri Ellenberger

Event Coordinator, environmental enthusiast, and geeky fangirl.

Leanne Saratan

Event Coordinator, trained ballerina, and professional party-thrower.

Ali Adams

Event Assistant, amateur snowboarder, always on the lookout for unique experiences.

Lyndon Friesen

Lead Facilitator at Ignitor Training, passionate business leader, and employee skills trainer.

Joe Britto

Lead Facilitator at Innate Leaders, experienced coach and adventure chaser.

Kerry Ward

CEO and Founder of Corporate Explorer Training, prestigious member of Toastmasters and ambitious entrepreneur.

Rick Knowlan

Lead facilitator at Ignitor Training, professional consultant, and trainer.

Amy B

Practical consulting coach with Innate Leaders.

Bradley V

Event Coordinator, world traveler, and former creative professional.

Brooke N

Event Coordinator, happy camper, and high-flying trapeze artist.

Brynne S

Event Coordinator, amateur chef, and local volunteer.

Carmen K

Event Coordinator, “team player,” and social connector.

Cara T

Event Coordinator, Indiana Jones super fan, and aspiring astronaut.

Carrie H

Event Coordinator, energetic adventurer and loyal sports fan.

Chris M

Event Coordinator, world traveler and water-sports enthusiast.

Lisa H

Event Coordinator. Travel enthusiast and dog lover in search of new experiences.

Dave D

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training, leadership development consultant and fearless adventurer.

Didier J

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training, talented speaker and respected consultant.

Dina B

Event Coordinator, adventurer, and life-long learner.

Emma L

Event Coordinator, talented knitter and accomplished event planner.

Grace K

Event Coordinator, water slide enthusiast, and constant traveler.

Heather Z

Event Coordinator, adventurous daredevil who loves the outdoors and meeting new people.

Heather R

Event Coordinator, lover of the arts, volunteer, and dedicated adventurer.

Jason R

Event Coordinator, passionate adventurer, and music lover.

Jill C

Event Coordinator, free spirit, and epic dance party host.

Katherine B

Event Coordinator, board-gamer, and outdoor adventurer.

Kelsey C

Event coordinator, self-proclaimed geek, and world explorer.

Kristin P

Event Coordinator, avid attendant of summer music festivals, vinyl music collector, painter and lover of creating with her hands.

Kristin W

Event Coordinator, dog owner, and hospitality enthusiast.

Lyndsay B

Event Coordinator, ambassador of gratitude, and animal lover.

Libby C

Event Coordinator, friendly professional, and 80’s dance music super fan.

Miguel C

Event Coordinator, extroverted leader and snowboarding master, with an eye for details.

Michael V

Lead facilitator at Ignitor Training, business teacher, and skills trainer.

Noel F

Event Coordinator, people person, and extreme athlete.

Ruth M

Professional development coach with Innate Leaders.

Shannon H

Event Coordinator, challenge-seeker, and avid traveler.

Stephanie K

Event Coordinator, seasoned traveler, and natural athlete.

Thomas M

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training, inspiring speaker and accomplished entrepreneur.

Michael Kelly

Event Coordinator, professional entertainer, and global explorer.

Operations Support Team

Andrea Santos

Support Coordinator, customer service professional and experienced traveller.

Aubrey Horn

Sr. Support Coordinator, aspiring world traveler, and talented athlete.

Emily Thun

Support Coordinator, world traveller, and ukulele player.

Savannah Duggan

Administrative Assistant, dedicated scholar, and inspired explorer.

Marketing Team

Kara Sy

Marketing Copywriter, lover of travel, humor, and books.

Luke Bailey

Marketing Copywriter, energetic video producer and worldwide traveler.

Silas Kemble

Marketing Coordinator, avid hiker, and passionate typographer.

Yasmine Shemesh

Jr. Marketing Copywriter, rock and roll enthusiast, and hip-hop dancer.